You feel like an imposter in your leadership role… The more you try to exert control, the less you find have.

Maybe you’re a micromanager who has difficulty trusting others to do their job.

Maybe you feel out of your depth as a leader…

Maybe it’s office politics that are getting you down, as you spend countless hours engaged in turf wars… 

It can take a lot of mental energy to manage the stress and strain of feeling like an imposter, micromanaging for control, and fighting endless political battles… Trust me I know! In my 25+ years of a leaders, I’ve experienced it all – and suffered with it all!

These challenges can limit your potential and inhibit the best expression of your leadership talent.


What if you didn’t have to have all the answers?

What if you viewed workplace conflict as a welcome part of your role?

What if you could feel passionate about your work every day?

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