Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking has stubbornly dominated the #1 spot on human’s list of fears for decades – even ranking above the fear of death! Like any other fear, we often build it up in our mind to the point where we experience physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, shaking, mind blanking – and many other effects.   I, too, used to become paralyzed at the thought of getting up on stage (or just in a meeting room) in front of even a few people – never mind thousands. But the nature of my work as an educator made it imperative that I learned how to not only master my fears but embrace the stage!   Since then, I have won numerous international speaking contests, delivered keynotes in front of thousands of people, and trained hundreds of people to become skilled and confident speakers. Through using a combination of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (NLP), you’ll not only conquer your speaking fears, you’ll find yourself welcoming opportunities to speak! Our Public Speaking Hypnosis Program is a combination of individual and group sessions. American speech writer James Humes says, “Every time you speak, you’re auditioning for leadership”. Whether you aspire to leadership or simply want to speak with confidence, contact us today to master your speaking fears and own the stage! Call or text 825-945-4454.

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